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    I am using AIS on a Mac and I made a dashboard with a Scatter chart with 4 series. For 1 series I like to show the markers and not the line and for the other 3 series I want to show the line but not the markers (the 3 series are average, 95% probability curves max and min).

    I have achieved that but when I alter the settings of the chart (markers and line chart) the settings for series 1,3 and 4 are reverted to a ’round’ marker instead of ‘none’. For every little change I make I have to set these settings again to get the chart I want.

    The same goes for the balloon text. This is not saved also. Other settings are saved correctly. I am using AIS 1.3.

    Can you confirm this is a bug and might it be fixed in 1.4?

    Kind regards

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    Hemant Mehta

    Hi Jeroen,

    Thank you for your query, we can confirm this was a Bug in current version AIS 1.3 identified by our team and is fixed in the newer version AIS 2 (There won’t be AIS 1.4 instead there there will be AIS 2 with much better interface and custom KPI)

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